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in Art & Science

27-29 September 2023, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta

Event Hours: 28/09/2023 (12:30)
Location: Concert Hall [H]
Cristina Dezi, Giulia Tomasello

SXf is a space, an altar of celebration of pleasure and sexuality, posthumanism and trans-(hack)feminist biomateriality. Experiments on speculative sexual intimacy are made
and bioprosthetics are cultivated to push biological boundaries, challenge the limits of heterosexual normality and pleasure, and adapt our bodies to personal erotic bliss.

What if we could create a sustainable and symbiotic future with our body fluids?
What if we would wear bacteria to empower bodies?
How technology can help us to explore and reclaim our sexual liberation and gender equality?

Menstrual and sexual fluids become raw materials to cultivate a cyborg skin that can customize our bodies for a more personal sexual aesthetic and awareness, more empowering, more queer, more inclusive, safer, feminist and sustainable.
Multisensory prosthetics, erotic soft robotics and sensorial wearables are grown to enhance biology and merge with technology, to prototype new identities and new forms.
sXf grows artifacts of erotic technology and sexual prostheses using biomaterials, human
fluids, microbes in a symbiotic process that could blur the boundaries between the organic and the artificial, the human and the non human, materialistic and intangible, masculine and feminine or black and white.

Cristina Dezi

Cristina Dezi is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. Through a feminist critique, she experiments with biomateriality and wearables, crossing textile research, new media art, sound design, biohacking and technology. She has a degree in Fashion Design and New Textile Technologies and a Master’s in Experimental Animation. Her research and design move in the field of performance and costumes, sextech and ecofeminism, witchcraft rituals and erotic cinema.

Giulia Tomasello

Giulia Tomasello is an interaction designer committed to female’s intimate care and its innovation, combining biohacking and interactive wearables. Founder of ALMA [] where design, science and anthropology are combined to co-create tools for a radical cultural change in female’s bodies.
With Future Flora in 2018 she wins the STARTS Prize, assigned to projects representing “innovative alliances between technology and artistic practices”. Her multidisciplinary work has also received other awards at european and international level such as the World Omosiroi Japanese Award in 2020.
Giulia offers new deeper knowledge of female's wellbeing, developing innovative tools in the intersection
between medical and social sciences. Coded Bodies is her teaching platform designed to learn the basics of soft wearables and the exploration of biological textiles.


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