Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

26-28 November 2020, University of Applied Arts Vienna/Online

90. Building a post-human: Analysis of the bio-artwork May the horse live in me
Session: Session "ORF8 / Sideways"
Speakers: Natacha Lamounier

The advances in biotechnology are a critical matter for some artists working with living beings. The life manipulation in bio-art, in some cases, can be executed only one time in a performative way, as the bio-artwork May the horse live in me, in which the artist received an injection of horse’s blood. Despite the artist’s intention on denunciating the consequences of the anthropocentric era, especially for the non-human animals, it was drawn a philosophical and psychological analysis based on the artist's discourse and other materials available about the performance. It was investigated how the hybridization of woman and horse can be understood as the building of a post-human being that challenges the humanistic supremacy view of the “Same”. Similarly, it was analyzed how the deconstruction of that view allows the expression of other forms of subjectivity. In that sense, it was also considered how the human-animal relations of power play in that performance and how it is dualistic to address the issue of the animal subjectivity.

Natacha Lamounier

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