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in Art & Science

26-28 November 2020, University of Applied Arts Vienna/Online

75. Kitkelaid - About a Non-Place
Session: Session "NSP16 / Allure"
Speakers: Daniela Koch

The artistic talk should base on the audiovisual installation Kitkelaid – About a non-place. The aim of this work is to demonstrate how media art can decode, represent and communicate shameful topics. For this purpose, the following guiding question is asked: How can media art decipher, represent and communicate shameful topics and thus make them part of a public discourse? Due to different contextualizations an overview of different subject areas will be given, which include the history of female* gender, psychoanalytical approaches, communication and art theories, as well as art history. This artwork also addresses the questions of what leads and has led to a changed perspective of perception, which is clearly visible in the discourse of female* gender, and how was a body part converted into a kind of "object" with its own discourse, dissociated from its actual function and meaning. These questions go hand in hand with the examination of the influence of body shame, the construction of body images and feelings, pornography, and myths about the female* sex. 

The above-mentioned questions are intended to provide possible answers to the leading question of how exactly media art can be used as a "new language" for tabooed, underrepresented and shamefaced subjects and how the subject can be reassessed, de- and reconstructed with the help of new media art in order to decipher and minimize the shamefacedness of the subject around the female* gender. It has been shown that the core of shamefacedness lies in constructed body images that were constructed by the society. This became on the one hand, clear through the examination of the influential subject areas and, on the other, through interviews with twenty affected women*. This type of examination leads to the practical possibility of using media art as a „language“ or a „tool“ for deconstructing and reconstructing body images and translating these shown up issues and topics into art pieces. The audio-visual installation Kitkelaid - About a Non-Place serves as an example of how selected aspects of emotional, cognitive and aesthetic experiences of media art can look like in the translation of the theoretical findings into practical art. With the help of the tools such as Fulldome and abstracted 3D audio sound compositions, an immersive space was created. A space that gives the recipient the chance to dive into the topic and to experience an other reality in the already existent one; to show what influence abjection and subjectivization has on shameful realities and how important it is, to reach an individualization to get rid of a distorted reality of socially coded body picture. With the help of a new media art installation. The practical implementation and theoretical findings will be discussed in the artistic talk. Beside the conceptual decisions that led to the artistic product that bears a social issue, translated with the game of proximity and distance, related to the social tabooed discourse and how the used tools got mould of it, will be spotlighted.

Daniela Koch

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