Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

26-28 November 2020, University of Applied Arts Vienna/Online

69. Isolated attractors
Session: Session "ORF9b / Auspice"
Speakers: Sergio Patricio Valenzuela Valdés

Attractors cause attraction, collision, repulsion and distraction between different poles of charged energies. Latour makes a metaphor about the attractors in society and politics by defining many layers of interaction between the poles, decades after quantum physics observed strange attractors in chaotic systems of particles. Initial conditions could make a difference in terms of observation of strange attractors in art practices, where artists that have the access to continue their own art practice, have also faced the art market and non patronage within a competitive society of succession. The proposal observes an isolated artist, connected virtually to the environment, but losing social skills, because of social distancing. Isolation in artists is here and now in today's societies, with society’s own practices infected by worldwide news, porn, violence, loneliness and a vacuum in daily life routines. Which kind of attractors proceed in their own art practice in isolation, at home in a shared “WG”(shared flat) , without the resources to develop their own art, along with a lack of success and social empowerment. Which kind of strange attractor could possibly define the steps and procedures of this new generation of artists who feel not supported and who feel isolated in their “home” artwork. This paper attempts to observe this idea based on a few cases by comparing interviews of artists isolated by Convid-19in 2020 in different countries.

Sergio Patricio Valenzuela Valdés

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