Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

26-28 November 2020, University of Applied Arts Vienna/Online

48. The E-ME 2.0 introduces A Sexual Series
Session: Session "NSP16 / Allure"
Speakers: Emie // Eva-Marie Elg

“What does it mean for sexuality to be lived as oriented?”

Sara Ahmed’s words from Queer Phenomenology inspired the art series A Sexual Series, based on posthumanist theory and asexual experience. Shapes of performative alter egos materialised from a queer cyborg position of technologically enhanced crip experiences (the strong symbolical constructing process of ‘straightening’ scoliosis surgery). From being a glitch of the past towards a post-individualist future, the AI sexbot is a metaphoric, elevated version of the artist to embody asexuality and queer Otherness. 

Based on multitudes of CUNTraDICKtions to encourage self-reflection, the series explores the complexities of ob/scene and on/scene performances; the position of a sex positive asexual as well as questions of belonging as a naturally artificial rebel.

Emie // Eva-Marie Elg

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