Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

26-28 November 2020, University of Applied Arts Vienna/Online

176. Glow Me Glow Me Not
Session: Session "NSP12 / Epic"
Speakers: Boryana Rossa

This is a bio-art project imagining what can be the consequences if societies accept the hypothesis that our behavior is genetically predisposed, as opposed to mainly culturally constructed is true. How is this going to affect our mythologies? How is this going to affect the cultural expressions of collective identity? How is this going to affect ideologies such as nationalism, internationalism, atheism or actions such as rebel or love?   

Based on a previous project “The Mirror of Faith”, which focused on a critique of the hypothesis of the genetic predisposition  of our spirituality, “Glow Me Glow Me Not” is now interested in psychological, mythological and visual representation starting with alchemic iconography, going through Gustav Jung’s drawings and ending up with contemporary representations of the subconscious in the Internet vlogging cultures. 

I will present my on-going work on the bio-art installation featuring genetically modified yeast drawings and a glowing in the dark GMO beer. For the making of both I have used the human gene VMAT2, or “The God Gene” responsible for human spirituality (according to American biologist Dr. Dean Hamer).

Boryana Rossa

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