Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

26-28 November 2020, University of Applied Arts Vienna/Online

173. Interpersonal Protective Equipment: The Libidinal Economy of Aseptic Containment
Session: Session "NSP16 / Allure"
Speakers: Adam Zaretsky

The blocking and shielding of our bodies from contagion has taken on new dimensions. How does a culture of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) effect the libidinal economy of latex aficionados, medical fetishists and asphyxiation addicts? This essay is an analysis of the net effects of COVID-19 panic containment on the sexual monomania of orificial and bodily separation from the outside world. Unique re-habituation grants access to emo-economic modulators of an otherwise veiled but general subgenres of libidinalization. Our current time of novel orificial filtering does change the cultural meaning of latex hoods, gas masks, medical erotism and other Interpersonal Protective Equipment (IPE) mating group attire. Reproductive sex and reprotech make for novel reconceptions and can lead to actual others born in bodily form. Can aseptic fetishism allow for house cleaning, street cleaning, architectural codes and citizen care without resorting to exclusivity, social ostracism, mass incarceration, mental hygiene, forced sterilisation and genocidal war crimes? This debate includes a most difficult question: what is rare taste without inequality?

Adam Zaretsky

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