Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

26-28 November 2020, University of Applied Arts Vienna/Online

170. BK an Eco Erogenous Art Project - the experimental catalogue
Session: Session "ORF9b / Auspice"
Speakers: Isabel Burr Raty

COVID increases the need in the arts to turn towards an even more critical thinking on human and more than human eco-synth-tech species entanglements and gives the opportunity to find new dynamic methods of artistic creation and dissemination. Global pandemics expose our human need to exploit uninhabited areas and release pathogens that are spread along the paths of trade. Macro exploitation of earthly resources is mirrored not only in industrial or lab environments approach to living and non living matter, but also in our micro individual consumerist habits. In this equation eco-systems extraction results in the culture of domination and control. And, with an increasingly incorporated economy of behavior at hands of States, is definitely a good time to question an existing post human reality which might easily lead towards Foucault’s necro-political anti-bio power structures. 

Beauty Kit is an on-going research project on the human body as a territory for sustainable agriculture that results in the creation of hybrid performances and new media installations that push the boundaries of biology, ecology, technology, agriculture and economy. The mobile BK Female Farm harvests female erotic juices to produce cosmetic and well being products, which are used for abduction treatments in her BK Spa and critically discussed in her BK Focus Group. The BK Village on the other hand, is an under-the-Earth community of sex entanglements that brings together the female, male (focusing on the production of electricity through brain orgasms) and trans farms (exploring the potential of harvesting human hormones).

The containers that BK proposes are problematic, because they can cause morbid illusions, but not if they anchor you in a reality. What are the ethics of exploiting, fabricating, designing, up-scaling, packaging, distributing, selling in any production or commercial situation/ location? These works are a research strategy to destabilize the present. Beauty Kit eco-erogenous farming is here to reflect on the foundational grounds that have seeded our pandemic condition, amongst other Planetary catastrophes, in order to propose possible new living customs by means of alternative cultural arrangements. This art project comes to queer the commodification process of everyday goods, cosmetics and well being bio products. By proposing a farming method that hacks the logic of techno-scientific make-ability, it deconstructs common understandings of industrial procedures and materiality and offers solutions to the current ecological and multi-species extinction. Thus, it situates the BK participants as more-than-human species and positions the public as an entangled matter within a transpersonal “bio transaction” configuration. 

Consequently, Beauty Kit Farming proposes SF narratives that write live heterotopias for dystopian times, contributing with ideas in relation to the affects and subjectivity of objects of exploitation. It mirrors our reality but to twist it around by hyper-identifying archetypes embedded in the mind of neo-liberalism but, that are re-contextualized in a virtual present, which is bound to an immediate future outcome. The aim is thus to re-center our anthropocentric world vision and propose alternative, playful, economy models, such as one based on orgasmic pleasure.

Isabel Burr Raty

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