Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

26-28 November 2020, University of Applied Arts Vienna/Online

158. Deep See: Thermography as an Art Form
Session: Session "ORF9b / Auspice"
Speakers: Marne Lucas, Cuntemporary Artists Presents

‘Deep See: Thermal Imaging as an Art Form’ explores thermography to reference invasive surveillance culture and the fragility of humanity. I use military-grade infrared imaging technology for the surreal beauty it reveals and to address issues of surveillance practices that are changing human interaction in creative and philosophical ways; a subtext is our (c)overt acceptance of the electronic villain into our lives. Contemporary art constructs are important ways to depict aesthetic beauty, social/political ideas and provide a new way of perceiving the Self. ‘Deep See’ offers a glimpse into visual worlds hidden from our perception in eerie black and white infrared video and photography that transports the viewer into an otherworldly space. Thermography visualizes the surreal beauty of our temporal coalescence of ancient stellar energy, drawing on analogies about the universe- that we are truly beings of light. Actual surface temperature changes in corporeal and inanimate objects are seen in real time, heat appears white, and cold or wet areas are black, there are no special effects. The use of infrared surveillance cameras, binoculars and rifle scopes are both the means of digital image capture and the aesthetic itself.

Marne Lucas

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