Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

26-28 November 2020, University of Applied Arts Vienna/Online

152. Contemporary digital activism and its artistic perspectives
Session: Session "ORF10 / Crack"
Speakers: Vasileios Bouzas

Nowadays, movements are usually not about narratives promoting radical changes of the society but rather about radical movements that target much smaller scale social changes that are nevertheless capable of shaping a new social status. Thus, we are in front of a series of movements that develop practices relating to consumers' identity, rights and obligations, gender issues, civil liberties issues, environmental issues, displacement issues, waste management issues. 

Within such an environment, the paper explores the main categories where art and technology meet in the effort to resist, challenge and interfere with the dominant culture by the use of practices that are opposed to the current ethical structures as well as the different types of digital resistance practices that have been developed by multiple forms of individual or collective actions. It explores forms and characteristics of social resistance as they are developed today through the use of digital mediums and in particular the Internet. 

It examines and analyzes through specific examples the categories, the characteristics, the historical continuity as well as the artistic identity of digital artistic practices that aim to change and reform the existing social structures and explores their potential to achieve such a change. 

It explores the features of the composition of the population groups constituting these networks as well as the diversity of their practices. 

It aims to define the characteristics of these practices that integrate them into the field of tactical media and the ways that are related to the contemporary theoretical frameworks. 

By analyzing the developed practices of specific examples of social resistance, the paper attempts to identify their unique characteristics in terms of methodology, aesthetic identity and artistic background as well their differentiation from those that exist in the non-digital space.

Vasileios Bouzas

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