Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

26-28 November 2020, University of Applied Arts Vienna/Online

151. Transcending the Human: Mnemo-Media, Creativity and Impairment from Human to Hyper-Human
Session: Session "NSP10 / Phrenic"
Speakers: Maria Manuela Lopes

In a time period when the technologies to preserve our memories and enhance our humane bodies are developing at a fast pace, the author ́ project explores concepts of normality, memory, body, and representation. Art is a powerful tool to enhance public awareness of several disorders, handicaps and also cognitive difficulties, questioning norms of behavious and normality. Does losing our memory means becoming simultaneously visually/audio/motor/‘self’-impaired? By being present in her practicebased research at clinical trials with Alzheimer ́s disease patients the author has enlarged her humanness, which surfaced, into my artwork. She concluded that her embodied presence/looking at scientific/medical practices was powerful, leaving behind traces of her experience and new meanings. Different complementary technologic and medical fields may lead to far more powerful ways to expand human powers, augment human capacities, but the author wonders whether they enhance ad transcend human lives. The complexities of memory functioning and enhancement, its loss and the intricacies of its research have surfaced in the author ́ installation-art and will be discuss along this paper.

Maria Manuela Lopes

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