Open call for
TTTlabs BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC): NewRepro-FlaOctomingopus (NR-FO) - Non-Human Bioart/Bodyart on the Beach (NH-BB)
Island of Crete, Greece - September 15-25, 2024
Applications open until: 15 June 2024
Fall 2024

The Ionian University is now presenting the last of three calls for TTTlabs BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC): NewRepro-FlaOctomingopus (NR-FO) - Non-Human Bioart/Bodyart on the Beach (NH-BB) taking place on Sept 15-25, 2024 on the island of Crete. TTTlabs BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC) is a durational highly speculative autonomous skill-share event of intense co-creation, co-education and co-development. 

In a time of extraordinary scientific advances and ethical dilemmas in the fields of bioinformatics, new reproductive technologies, transgenic germline alterations, and animal behavior studies, TTTlabs III: New Repro-FlaOctomingopus (NR-FO) - Non-Human Bioart/Bodyart on the Beach offers an invitation to rethink new reproductive technologies and concepts: artificial womb, birth control, ovum pickup, eco-burial, cryogenics, embryo grades, implantation/surrogacy, genital development, semi-living death studies, selective reduction, posthuman family planning, and transgenic germline tailoring.

Applications are open for the following fields of expertise: Bioartists, Performance Artists, Gynecologists (IVF specialists), Animal Studies Ethnographers/Scientists of Animal Behavior, Biologists (Developmental), Video Jockeys (VJs), Biohackers/Makers, Body-Horror/Science-Fiction Writers, Science Technology Studies Scholars, New Reproductive Technology Specialist (IVF technicians and human embryologists welcome), Body Artists/Performance Artists, Psychologists and Genetic Counselors.

The organization offers accommodation and food, free of charge, to a limited number of participants (max 8) in Crete. Call for participants is open until 15 June 2024. Results will be announced on 30 June 2024.



Funded by

Rewilding Cultures
Ionian University


Projekt Atol Institute
Cultivamos Cultura
Catch / Helsingør Kommune
Udruga Radiona
Bioart Society
AVarts Dept
InArts Lab
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