Spyros Galanopoulos

Spyros Galanopoulos studied at the Ionian University (First Degree in Music) and at the University of Leeds (MA in Communications Studies). He is a PhD student at the Ionian University, Music Department. His main research interests include radio art theory and history. In 2007 he participated to the organization of the experimental Radio Station “RadIonio” at the Music Department’s Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music, Research and Applications (ΕΡΗΜΕΕ). In 2010 he was instructor at a Radio Art Seminar (4th Festival of Audiovisual Arts, Corfu). He is currently working as a music teacher in secondary education. As a teacher he has conducted several programs focusing on sound (2004-2006: environmental program “Soundscapes of Lefkada”, 2014-2015: Laboratory of Radio Art). Since 2001 he lives and works in Lefkada.

Radio Art

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