5th International Conference

Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges

Interdisciplinary Creativity in Arts and Technology

Hybrid - Corfu/Online, May 12-13, 2023


All Friday Sessions will be held online and will be streamed live.
All Saturday Sessions will be held on-site at the Ionian Academy and will also be streamed live.
All times are in Athens Time (EEST)

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Updated: 12-05-2023
Friday, May 12th 2023
09:30-11:15 Online
11:30-12:45 Online
13:00-14:15 Online
14:30-16:00 Online
16:15-17:30 Online
17:45-19:30 Online
Open Mic Q&A

Chairs: Michail Panagopoulos, Vasileios Komianos

Saturday, May 13th 2023
Welcome Message from the Conference Chair, Michail Panagopoulos

Ionian Academy
09:00-10:30 Ionian Academy
Session 2: New Media and Cultural Heritage

Chair: Ioannis Deliyannis

4D hypersphere Perception: An Educational Interactive VR Application Designed by TechnArtists
Charilaos Gounaropoulos, Nikolaos Kanellopoulos, Triantafyllos Kountardas
Amorgos in transition
Konstantinos Gardikis
Virtually navigating in the Petralona Cave – The Cave3 serious game experience
Charisios Achillas, Dimitrios Tzetzis, Sokratis Poulios, Christos Fotos, Dionysis Tsentidis, Emmanouil Tzimtzimis, Athanassios Athanassiou, Elli Karkazi, Andreas Darlas, Yannis Aspiotis, Vicky Chatziparadeisi, Dionysis Bochtis
Ionian Academy

Ionian Academy
Welcome Notes

Andreas Floros, Rector of the Ionian University
Andreas Giannakoulopoulos, Head of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts, Ionian University

Ionian Academy
Keynote Speaker Marianne Strapatsakis

Title: “How and why a classical visual artist involved with New Media and Digital Culture”

Chair: Michail Panagopoulos, Ionian University, Greece

Ionian Academy

Ionian Academy
15:00-16:30 Ionian Academy
Session 4: Audiovisual Challenges and Creative Applications

Chair: Renata Dalianoudi

A night at the opera
Christos Tsakiridis
Extending the MUSENSE project from the Music Industry to the Wider World of Performance
Ioannis Deliyannis, Ioannis Toulis, Raffaele Longo, Minas Pergantis
Re-writing the Art of Sound
Stavroula Vraila, Apostolos Loufopoulos, Thanasis Epitidios
Promoting cultural heritage through digital technologies and gamification: The ARTECH project
Charisios Achillas, Dimitrios Tzetzis, Christos Vlachokostas, Alexandra Michailidou, Kleoniki Kyrkopoulou, Savvas Koltsakidis, Vasilis Efopoulos, Despoina Theodorakoglou, Vasilis Gkonos
Ionian Academy

Ionian Academy
Keynote Speaker Erik Knudsen
Ionian Academy

Ionian Academy
Session 5: Artistic Perception, Vision, Art and Technology

Chair: Dionysios Katerelos

Could augmented reality applications support bilingual students with dyslexia?
Polyxeni Kaimara, Stefanos-Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Sofia Stamou, Eleni Griva, Assimina Tsibidaki
Building a simplified Role-playing Game using mythology
Marina Kouki, Vasiliki Arkoumani, Konstantinos Tsakas, Varvara Garneli, Vasileios Komianos
Ionian Academy
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