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Exploring the User Aspects of the Ionian Film Office's Metaverse Space: A Gamified Touristic and Film Location Guide
Date and Time: 12/05/2023 (14:30-16:00)
Location: Online
Ioannis Deliyannis, Iakovos Panagopoulos, Athanasios Tsigas, Katerina Rizou, Manos Kaloudas
Keywords: Metaverse, User Experience, Ionian Film Office, Gamification, Film Production, Location Guide, Touristic Information, Crossword, Mailing List

This contribution has been made possible through the financial support of the project HAL (Hub of Art Laboratories) *MIS :5047267*» code 80504, ESPA 2014-2020, EPAnEK, co-financed by Greece and the European Union and implemented at the Ionian University, Corfu.

The paper describes the creation of a Film Office space in Metaverse, as part of the HAL (Hub of Art Laboratories) funding research project currently implemented within the department of Audio and Visual Arts, Ionian University. The space aims to provide a user-friendly platform for different uses: film producers and directors who are considering the Ionian Islands as a potential location for their productions and also tourism organisations who wish to learn more about the Ionian Islands area and be informed about capacity of this particular area in terms of the environment and the people who can aid realise their tourism-based projects.

Regarding the first target group, the increasing number of high budget productions in Greece, specifically in the Ionian Islands, is attributed to the cash rebate regulation that was approved by the Greek government in August 2017. The film offices played an important role in this process by providing a physical space for potential producers and directors to obtain information on locations, production companies, and permission regulations. However, this process can be costly and impersonal. The Metaverse space created by the HAL project aims to provide a comprehensive location and production guide for film professionals interested in filming in the Ionian Islands, as well as touristic information and a gamified process that enhances the experience of visitors and tourism professionals. On that respect, the paper focuses on the user experience of potential film directors and producers who used the unfinished version of the space, as well as the current manager of the Ionian Film Office. The analysis of their interactions and communication with each other provides important feedback and understanding for potential opportunities not only to the region but also to a much larger scale.

The second target group for the Film Office space in Metaverse is tourism professionals, including travel agents and hotel managers, who are interested in exploring the touristic attractions and potential of the Ionian Islands. The space developed by the HAL project not only provides information on the film production capacity of the area but also includes touristic information and a gamified process that enhances the experience of visitors and tourism professionals.

Tourism professionals can use the Metaverse environment to explore the touristic attractions of the Ionian Islands, such as beaches, cultural events, and historical landmarks. In addition, the list of professionals can be contacted for tourism-based projects where catering, filming, photography and other skills and services are required. The space allows tourism professionals to gain a better understanding of what the region has to offer. In addition, the gamified process of completing a crossword and submitting it to the office staff grants access to an exclusive mailing list about new productions and film news. This mailing list provides tourism professionals with valuable information about potential productions that can boost tourism in the area.

The tourism industry is a vital part of the Ionian Islands' economy, and the development of the Film Office space in Metaverse has the potential to enhance tourism in the region. The space provides a platform for tourism professionals to learn more about the area's potential and collaborate with film producers to create touristic packages that incorporate film production locations. This collaboration can benefit both industries and increase the visibility of the Ionian Islands as a touristic destination.

This paper will focus on the experience of these potentia user groups. Particularly for the film office users, our team has recorded their first reactions to the space as well as their interaction and communication with each other. The analysis of the user experience aspects of the Ionian Film Office's Metaverse space reveals many important findings that provide feedback and understanding for the potential opportunities and not only to the region but to a much bigger scale.

In conclusion we see how the Film Office space in Metaverse developed by the HAL project provides an innovative platform for tourism professionals to explore the touristic potential of the Ionian Islands while the same information is re-used under a different context. This collaboration between the film and tourism industries can benefit both sectors and boost the economy of the Ionian Islands. Overall, the paper highlights the potential of Metaverse spaces to provide innovative solutions to traditional practices, such as film office locations, and enhance the user experience for both film professionals and tourists.

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