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Art Puzzling sustainability: Intergrading English language teaching and Environmental Education to inmates
Date and Time: 12/05/2023 (17:45-19:30)
Location: Online
Ilektra Lykiardopoulou, Chrysi Papadimitriou, George Iliadis, Ioannis Deliyannis
Keywords: Art, English environmental terminology, Gamification, Inmate education, Interdisciplinary teaching

Interdisciplinary teaching in inmate education involves incorporating multiple academic disciplines into a single educational experience. This approach recognizes the interconnectedness of different subjects and promotes a holistic approach to learning.
Gamification of inmate education can help to make the learning experience more engaging and effective, while also promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By incorporating game design elements and principles into inmate education, correctional facilities can help inmates to develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed upon release.
Puzzle games can be an effective tool in inmate education to promote cognitive development, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. These games can be designed to provide a fun and interactive way for inmates to learn, while also encouraging them to think creatively and strategically. Accordingly, art can be a powerful tool in inmate environmental education, as it can help inmates develop a deeper connection to nature and inspire them to take action to protect the environment.
English learners enjoy and have a better efficiency when arts-based and game-based projects are integrated in teaching. Therefore, crossword puzzles and scrabble games combined with performing arts are used in order to assist the educational process of learning environmental terminology.
In the present study a small seminar of 12h in total was conducted, divided to 6 classes with the duration of 2h each. 15 inmates attended the classes. Each class was designed to incorporate the course of Environmental education and English language. The main thematic area was the knowledge acquittance to water pollution and water sustainable use. Both puzzle games in the form of crosswords and arts (paintings, films and music) were incorporated to the learning process.
The results from the aforementioned process indicated that:
• Crosswords can be an effective tool in inmate education, not only in the area of language and literacy development, but also in understanding scientific terminology. Such puzzle games enhanced, vocabulary development, critical thinking, group activity and comprehension
• Art can be a powerful tool in inmate interdisciplinary education and in particular enabled the deeper connection of inmates to nature and inspired them to initiate further project on environmental protection.

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