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From the End to the Beginning of a script : Pitching essentials in AI era
Date and Time: 13/05/2023 (19:15-21:00)
Location: Ionian Academy
Barbara Dukas

Τheoretical framework:
The use of AI in a pitching document that provides the main elements for a script to find potential producers, can be proved as a very useful tool to how the story will be received by the audience.
AI can verify how potential good stories reply to authenticity, personal intentions , motives and possible versions.
Starting from the pitching document, a good script can be tested in every part using AI, and to be completed by answering every desire of its creator.
Pitching documents should include specific data and structure.
1) Logline
2) Premise
3) Characters
4) Possible plot
5) Motivation
6) Prove of authenticity
7) Hook
8) Tagline
9) Personal involvement
10) Possible budget
AI can also recognize similar stories that have already been filmed and answers at least in the 10 basic questions a good pitch should include.
Αnswering these questions gives the terminal points that the specific script must fulfill according to the wishes of its creator, and thus all the possibilities of the developments of the story can be confirmed with the specific pitching document.
AI can also have significant role of the characters and their completion and of course possible versions of the end.
Study design:
Sorting and classifying the material according to the rules of a good pitching document and storytelling leads to the right questions to AI and to the proper environment - AI Writing Software apps (ie: Jasper, DeepMind’s Dramatron, e.tc.)
Story generation structure does not correspond to every writer's writing process
Using the pitching document structure in every stage ( Title – Characters – Scenes - Settings, which correspond to scenes – dialogues according every character origin for each scene – possible endings ) can be proved the tool that personalizes the original intentions of the creator and of course helps to identify plagiarism.
Description of the experience :
Μy experience as Head of Educational Program & Pitching LAB of DISFF (Drama International Short Film Festival) has brought me into contact over the last 10 years with over 1000 cinematic projects of all genres (fiction, animation, documentaries, multilateral)
This experience resulted in a guide to classify 10 key questions responding to a good pitching document- and further to the good construction of a successful script.
This guide I believe can become a tool using AI as vehicle to write a script or develop a story.
Using pitching essentials in every step of script writing and storytelling through the experience of AI
Create a manual guided by the basic principles οf pitching and proved by experience of the use of AI in story development.

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