5th International Conference

Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges

Interdisciplinary Creativity in Arts and Technology

Hybrid - Corfu/Online, May 12-13, 2023

Adaptive Transmedia Storytelling for Cultural Objects:: A Case Study of Angelos Sikelianos Poet’s House Museum in Lefkas, Greece
Date and Time: 13/05/2023 (15:00-16:30)
Location: Ionian Academy
Vaia Tzori, Sofia Maria Poulimenou, Ioannis Deliyannis
Keywords: Transmedia adaptive storytelling, Angelos Sikelianos Museum, Cultural heritage, Gamification, Multimedia narrative scenarios, Web3, Museum & user engagement, Poet's houses, Transmedia narrative

This study aims to investigate the application of adaptive storytelling for cultural objects using a novel experimental Web3 transmedia method. We propose an innovative methodological framework that links the user, narrative elements, and media channels to serve the needs of each transmedia narrative scenario. We present a theoretical application project, will explore the potential of gamification and transmedia storytelling in enriching audience interaction and engagement with the museum's content. Each museum exhibit will be adapted to inherit and link all the necessary data, enabling the implementation of various interactive scenarios such as serial and random access to exhibit descriptions and interactive digital games where exhibits assume an active role in the process and become aware. The method functions via directly associating the objects with multiple layers of content, using an appropriate data structure construct. In this work we present the concept and demonstrate how it functions using the same cultural objects for two different scenarios: one enabling an interactive presentation of the objects, and another when the same objects are used within a game scenario.

The case study theme focuses in poet's houses. Transmedia storytelling offers the opportunity to create immersive, engaging experiences that connect audiences with complex and interconnected content related to tangible and intangible cultural heritage. By utilizing multiple media platforms, transmedia narratives can satisfy diverse user needs and adapt to different application contexts. Through the development of the current case study, the framework will be applied to selected items of the Angelos Sikelianos Museum collection, transforming its objects into independent narrative entities that operate within a multimedia narrative scenario. The study's expected results include the development of a general methodology for exploiting transmedia storytelling in the field of culture and educational practice, ultimately enhancing user experience and fostering a deeper connection with the museum's content.

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