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27-29 September 2023, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta

TTT Activities: TTTLabs & TTTFellows

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Being for the first time co-funded by the Ionian University and the European Union, TTT2023 Malta is being organized within the framework of the project Rewilding Cultures (2022 – 2025) by the Feral Labs Network under Creative Europe. The project is coordinated by Projekt Atol (Slovenia) with partners Makery (France), Catch (Denmark), Schmiede (Austria), Bioart Society (Finland), Cultivamos Cultura (Portugal), Ionian University (Greece) and Radiona (Croatia). Thanks to this project, TTT is extending its activities beyond the conference, to include a series of workshops and residencies:

ttt labs

TTTlabs are highly speculative hybrid events of intense co-creation, co-education and co-development set in the Ionian Islands. TTTlabs are multi-person field work experiences that allow time and focus for in-depth play with concepts and practices of: Developmental Biology & Deprogramming, New Reproductive Technology & Rewilding, Bird Watching & Rehabilitation, Human Germline Genetic Editing & Ferality,  Performance Art & Nonhuman Enrichment. “BioFeral.BeachCamp”, the first TTTlab, will be on the Island of Corfu, Greece. The  emphasis will be on Bioart as fundamental research (also known as curiosity based research) including bioart labs as ‘ethics in action’. Focused on hacking research methods with wetlab Bioart, this camp includes creative video and sonic arts mash-ups, novel apparatus prototyping and bio-ferality experiments in performance art. 

Official Website:

ttt fellows

TTTfellows is an hybrid artist residency and academic research fellowship project. It aims to bring together one artist and one scientist during 30 days for interdisciplinary friction and immersion in the Ionian islands. TTTfellows are selected via open call for participation based on their letter of intention and CV. The project is particularly focused on the topic of Art, Ecology & Communities. Participants should be willing to contribute to the development of a local DIY Bio Hub, to teach one module (graduate level students at the IURC) and to create a piece in one of the following categories: a) speculative science publication or b) speculative design project exhibit.

Official Website:

More updates on these activities soon!


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