Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

20-22 May 2016, Ionian University, Corfu Greece

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1st Day - 20 May 2016 (Friday)


08:00-09:00 Registration and Welcome Ionian Academy
Day 1 - Morning Sessions
Session 1: Definitions (09:00-10:15)
Chair: Theodore Vlachos, Ionian University, Greece
1.1 Disappeared Histories: The Sacred and Profane Digital Object Joshua Halberstam City University of New York, USA
1.2 How Technology and Transgression prevent social stagnation Elisa Decet University of Birmingham, UK
1.3 Profanity and obscenity in the vernacular literary texts of Cyprus: Vasilis Michaelides’ To Palioman (The struggle)/πάλιωμαν as a mixed media installation Evripides Zantides Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus

Session 2: Statements in Hybrid Art (10:15-11:30)
Chair: Anna Hatziyiannaki, Art Historian, GreeceBreak (11:30-12:00)
2.1 At the Edge of Human Polona Tratnik Alma Europaea - Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis, Slovenia
2.2 BioQueering Methods of Transgenesis Adam Zaretsky Marist University, USA
2.3 Impossible and Incompatible Bodies Ian Haig RMIT University, Australia
Ionian Academy
12:00-13:15 Keynote Speech "Zombies, Cyborgs & Chimeras: Creepy, Uncanny & Contestable Bodies", Stelarc
Chair: Andreas Floros, Ionian University, Greece
Ionian Academy
14:45-15:45 Keynote Speech "Technoetic Transcendence: the message of moistmedia", Roy Ascott
Chair: Dalila Honorato, Ionian University, Greece
Ionian Academy
Day 1 - Afternoon Sessions
Session 3: Between Truth and Transgression: The shifting nature of the scientific image (15:45 -17:00)
Chair: Xenofon Bitsikas, University of Ioannina, Greece
3.1 Beyond Effect: Chromatic transgressions and the scientific image Rob Kesseler Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London, UK
3.2 Scientific images may also be trangressive. An epistemological approach Olga Pombo Center for Philosophy of Science of Lisbon University, Portugal
3.3 “The most profound is the skin” – tattoo and taboo Catarina Nabais Center for Philosophy of Science of Lisbon University, Portugal

Break (17:00-17:30)

Session 4: Representation (17:30-18:45)
Chair: Polyxeni Mantzou, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece
4.1 From Beardsley to Shelley: Sex, politics and transgressive readings of Lysistrata in England Marina Kotzamani University of the Peloponnese, Greece
4.2 «Mannequins Smell of Criminal Transgression». Hyperrealistic Dummies in Contemporary Visual Culture Pietro Conte Center for Philosophy of Science of Lisbon University, Portugal
4.3 OrgantradAR: Data Body Augmentation and Post-biological Organ Trade for Profit Julian Stadon Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria

Session 5: Forbidden(18:45-20:00)
Chair: Ioannis Deligiannis, Ionian University, Greece
5.1 Sturm Und Drang, The Return - Geniezeit Of The Posthuman Penny Papageorgopoulou & Dimitris Charitos Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
5.2 Human Robot Interaction in Manga and Anime: Can people fall in love with Robots? Laida Limniati & Andreas Giannakoulopoulos University of Helsinki, Finland
Ionian University, Greece
5.3 BIO – LOGICS of ART. Poems questioning the Aesthetics and Linguistics of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Irini Athanassakis Artist researcher, France
Ionian Academy


2nd Day - 21 May 2016 (Saturday)


Day 2 - Morning Sessions
Day 2

Session 6: Mutation (09:00-10:15)
Chair: Bill Psarras, Ionian University, Greece
6.1 Body as taboo: The Art History approach Maria Athanasekou Art Historian, Greece
6.2 Selfless body, bodiless self: The mind-uploading scenario John Mazarakis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
6.3 Genome editing: engineering, applications and limitations Antigoni Avramouli Ionian University, Greece

Parallel Sessions I(10:15-11:30)

Session 7A: Gender
Chair: Brenda Murphy, University of Malta, Malta
7A.1 Silence...No More Lema Malek Salem Birzeit University, Palestine
7A.2 Transgressing Taboos: a gender centered study of illusions Alma López Vale UNED, Spain
7A.3 Bodily transgression: neuro and somatic plasticity and ‘biodrag’ in Paul B. Preciado’s Testo Junkie Sofia Ropek Hewson University of Cambridge, UK

Session 7B: Art & Biology
Chair: Adam Zaretsky, Marist College, USA
7B.1 Fungi decay as an art form Patricia Noronha ITQB New University of Lisbon, Portugal
7B.2 Doing the Taboo: Examining Affect and Participation in Bioart Marie Mart Roijackers University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
7B.3 Bioart under the lens of a Kantian Microscope Jessica Donato Goldsmiths College, UK

Break (11:30-12:00)

Parallel Sessions II (12:00-13:15)

Session 8A: Meaning
Chair: Marina Papasotiriou, Art Historian, Greece
8A.1 Lost in Transgression: Ian McEwan's The Cement Garden Ilana Shiloh The Academic Center of Law and Business, Israel
8A.2 Translating the "queer": subtitling and taboo words Katerina Gouleti Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
8A.3 The Web of Hate Revisited Considering the European Refugee Crisis Andreas Giannakoulopoulos & Laida Limniati Ionian University, Greece
University of Helsinki, Finland

Session 8B: Desire
Chair: Renata Dalianoudi, University of Ioannina, Greece
8B.1 Transgressing the taboo of life in psytrance performances Leandros Kyriakopoulos Research Center for the Humanities in Athens, Greece
8B.2 Spaces of intimacy: Transgressing the visual simulation of desire Ines Lukin Center for Visual Studies Zagreb, Croatia
8B.3 Erotic and visual transgressions: From Georges Bataille to Nagisa Oshima Despoina Poulou Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Break (13:15-14:45)
Building of the Depts. History and Archives, Library Science & Museology
Focus on A&T in Education
Workshop (09:00-12:00)
Title: ICT and Collaborative Creativity in Modern School towards Knowledge Society
EW.1 Panagiotis Anastassiadis University of Crete, Greece
EW.2 Kostas Christidis University of Crete, Greece
EW.3 Lampros Karvounis University of Crete, Greece
EW.4 Kostas Kotsidis University of Crete, Greece

Panel (12:00-13:15)
Chair: Kostas Christidis, University of Crete, Greece
EP.1 "The world of sound and image": audiovisual literacy in high school Eleni Margarou, Anna Matsiori, Triantafyllia Syvaka & Magdalene Tsionki Experimental Senior High School of University of Macedonia, Greece KESYP Neapolis, Greece
EP.2 Integrating art education with technology: a survey and some good examples Styliani Sylaiou & Georgios Papaioannou Ionian University, Greece Ionian University, Greece
EP.3 Terms and Limits of Art in Modern School. The Example of Literature using New Technological and Communication Environments and Spaces Transgression Paraskevi Ganatsiou Ionian University, Greece
Building of the Depts. History and Archives, Library Science & Museology
14:45-15:45 Keynote Speech "Universe: The land of Utopia", Manos Danezis
Chair: Nikos Kanellopoulos, Ionian University, Greece
Ionian Academy
Day 2 - Afternoon Sessions
Session 9: Contagious (15:45-17:00)
Chair: Olga Pombo, University of Lisbon, Portugal
9.1 Intra-species Transgressions and Micro-ontological Indeterminacy Nevena Ivanova DeTao Roy Ascott Studio @Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, China
9.2 Disgust and the Fear of Contagion Alanna Lynch Independent artist, Germany
9.3 Material Empathy in an Indivisible Landscape Jenifer Wightman Cornell University, USA

Break (17:00-17:30)

Session 10: Web & Art (17:30-18:45)
Chair: Apostolos Loufopoulos, Ionian University, Greece
10.1 The Cyberspace and the Emancipated Artist Avi Rosen Technion IIT, Israel
10.2 Taboo and transcendence in Internet Art Marily Argyrokastriti Ionian University, Greece
10.3 The Discreet charm of surveillance Vasilis Bouzas University of Western Macedonia, Greece

Session 11: Domination (18:45-20:00)
Chair: Polona Tratnik, Alma Mater Europaea, Slovenia
11.1 Sacrum intolerandus - Colonial Transgressions Anna Kedziora University of Arts in Poznan, Poland
11.2 Beast and Adversity on the Problem of Animism in a (post) modern technological world Stefan Kristensen & Anna Barseghian University of Geneva, Switzerland
Utopiana, Switzerland - Armenia
11.3 Tactical Extinction Michael Dudeck The Museum of Artificial Histories, Canada
Ionian Academy


3rd Day - 22 May 2016 (Sunday)


Day 3 - Morning Parallel Sessions
Day 3 - Parallel Sessions IV (09:00-10:15)

Session 12A: Death
Chair: Athena Peglidou, Ionian University, Greece
12A.1 Discussion with a pagan music photograph Eirini Moschovou Ionian University, Greece
12A.2 Tesla’s Ashes: From Commonplace to Transgressive Mirjana Uzelac University of Alberta, Canada
12A.3 Film adaptations of Frankenstein: Overcoming death on screen Kostoula Kaloudi University of the Peloponnese, Greece

Session 12B: Borderless
Chair: Michalis Panagopoulos, Ionian University, Greece
12B.1 Human Evolution, Free Will and Social Restriction Haralampos Papadamianos University of Crete, Greece
12B.2 Ecologies of Transmission. Artistic explorations of the taboos and secrets in today's lived electromagnetism Daniela Silvestrin Independent researcher, curator and cultural manager, Germany
12B.3 Computational aesthetics and radical novelty: a transcendence beyond algorithms for creative music synthesis? Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas, Konstantinos Drossos & Andreas Floros Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece Tampere University of Technology, Finland Ionian University, Greece

Day 3 - Parallel Sessions V (10:15-11:30)
Session 13A: Mutilation
Chair: Tania Tsiridou, Ionian University, Greece
13A.1 Unwhole Bodies Ian Haig RMIT University, Australia
13A.2 Touching flesh: tracing the human in medical representations and artistic processes Athanasia Vidali Soula Ionian University, Greece
13A.3 Apotemnophilia, acrotomophilia, body integrity identity disorder: From the eroticism of impairment to the aesthetics of lack Eirini Rari Hospital-University Unit of the Sainte-Anne Hospital of Paris, France

Session 13B: Identities
Chair: Defne Çizakça, Koç University, Turkey
13B.1 Love - Death – Self: artistic narratives Evaguelia Diamantopoulou, Alexandra Katsineli, Anna Ampatzoglou & Katerina Papakyriakopoulou Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
13B.2 Daddies, Boyfriends, and Fathers: Strategies of Disruption and the Incest Taboo in Kathy Acker’s Blood and Guts In Highschool and Sylvia Plath’s Daddy James Papoutsis York University, Canada
13B.3 Research approaches of video art to identity and diversity issues. The case of Isaac Julien Gerasimos Polymeris ICT School Advisor, Greece

Break (11:30-12:00)

Day 3 - Parallel Sessions VI (12:00-13:15)
Session 14A: Spaces
Chair: Gina Giotaki, Dance Artist – Historian, Greece
14A.1 Out of Space & Time | Ugly as a synthetic principle Foteini Nevrokopli & Rodi Tsitouridou Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
14A.2 Neurofeedback and Neuroethics' Limitations Antonia Plerou Ionian University, Greece
14A.3 Choreomanic NeuroDance and Its Aesthetics: Dance Research and Controversies Connected to Cognitive Neuroscience and Meme Theory Sibila Petlevski University of Zagreb, Croatia

Session 14B: Display
Chair: Konstantinos Tiligadis, Ionian University, Greece
14B.1 Animatronics; From movies to museum. The Casa Parlante Living History Museum in Corfu, Greece Georgios Papaioannou & Sofia Paschou Ionian University, Greece
Ionian University, Greece
14B.2 3D Projection mapping on historical shells. Art experiments, challenges to the science of architectural restoration Sofoklis Kotsopoulos Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
14B.3 Museums go digital. And what about ethics? Is there a path to pass or a route to follow? Georgios Papaioannou & Sofia Paschou Ionian University, Greece
Ionian University, Greece
Building of the Depts. History and Archives, Library Science & Museology
13:15-13:30 Day 3 - Closing Building of the Depts. History and Archives, Library Science & Museology
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