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Intro lecture (artist talk)
Sounds of Troubled Worlds = Songs for Serenity

lecture by Robertina Šebjanič with focus on her projects Aurelia 1+Hz and Aquatocene

Project Aquatocene / subaquatic quest for serenity (2016) reflects about the immersion into the underwater acoustic environment and the sound and noise pollution produced there by human presence. The project explores the relationship between sound, nature and society and the human impact on the (under)water habitat as well as the establishment and maintenance of safe audio environments for animals that live in the oceans and seas.
The Aurelia 1+Hz project is divided in two parts; the performance proto viva sonification looks into a new critical redefinition of social values and new attitude towards cohabitation of interspecies while the installation proto viva generator deals with the biopolicy of prolonging life.

Aquatocene / DIY hydrophone workshop
In this workshop with artist Robertina Šebjanič we will build simple DIY hydrophones for non invasive exploration of underwater worlds – a starting point to rethink our understanding of life in the world’s oceans and the human impact on the marine environment.


underwater noise pollution, bioacoustics, underwater, acoustic, hydrophone

Objectives (hour):

1. short intro - artist talk about art - science and working with marine life
2. underwater noise pollution - human presence of noise and sounds of our technological devices in the world's oceans and seas
3. how to build + use hydrophone

Prerequisites/advisable prior knowledge:


Evaluation feedback:

Testing the DIY hydrophone in the sea.

Recommended reading list:

An interview with Robertina Šebjanič:
we-make-money-not-art, (EN) interview by Regine Debatty: Underwater sound pollution and jellyfish communication. An interview with Robertina Šebjanič, 10 October 2017 at:

Sonic sea - excellent documentary film about the problematic of underwater noise pollution:

A sound approach to assessing the impact of underwater noise on marine fishes and invertebrates

What is Bioacoustics?

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Intro lecture (artist talk) Sounds of Troubled Worlds = Songs for Serenity
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3 hours


Robertina Šebjanič
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