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Credits: photo by Maridina Stavroulaki

The Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University is glad to announce the 2nd Corfu Summer School in Hybrid Arts following last year's program. Composed by a series of intensive theoretical and/or practical seminars, tagged as courses and activities, the 2nd Corfu Summer School in Hybrid Arts develops in a nine days program scheduled June 2-10, 2018. The program aims to integrate both Greek mythological inspiration connected with the Ionian Islands and the (almost) unlimited possibilities of new media.

For the 2018 program the thematic is "In/Out" focusing mainly on two areas Biology and Environment. Among others, the program includes subjects such as Brain Imaging, Experiential Anatomy, Site-Specific Arts, Astrophotography, Storytelling in Museums and Bio Art. All seminars are taught in English by faculty members of the Ionian University and international guest instructors who are university faculty members at Liverpool John Moores University (UK), Central Saint Martins, London (UK), Istanbul Technical University (TK) and The Ohio State University (USA), as well as prominent members of the Hackteria Network. The organization of the Summer School offers the possibility of extending its program upon request with additional cultural and scientific activities.

The Summer School will take place once again in the Greek island of Corfu, well-known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Corfu offers a multicultural environment with visible influences from the Venetians and the British in its architecture as well as its traditions. The Ionian University, as an academic institution, traces its legacy to the Ionian Academy founded in 1824. Despite its small size, the Ionian University has proven, over the years, to be one of the most energetic academic institutions in Greece, especially in the fields of arts and humanities. Regardless of its intensive program, the Corfu Summer School in Hybrid Arts' schedule will still leave all participants with enough time and renewed energy to explore the unique environment of the island.

Organizing Committee

Dalila Honorato (studies program concept)
Maria Chalkou
Bill Psarras
Ioustini Eloul
Georgia Apostolopoulou