Creative screenwriting tutorial
Date and Time: 17/05/2022 (20:00-22:00 EEST)
Location: Online

The following topics will be developed in this short seminar:

  1. Basic principles of a scenario: A) Structure, B) Characters, C) "the meaning".
  2. Differences between a TV script and other types of creative writing, such as a movie script and a play.
  3. How we divide our story into episodes.
  4. Axis of the story and connecting link of the episodes.
  5. Structure of episodes and how we keep the viewer interested, so that he wants to see the next episode (cliff hangers).
  6. Quality of dialogues.
  7. First scene and its significance.
  8. Presentation of a script idea.

Language of instruction: Greek

Organized by: Christina Mitsani

Seminars' Instructors
Haris Bosinas

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