Open Workshops Cycle in Contemporary Art and New Technologies on May 28-31, 2024

Posted: 13-05-2024 14:52 | Views: 4294

AV-school, the series of seminars and workshops of the Audiovisual Arts Festival, will be held at the Public Central Historic Library at Corfu from May 28th to May 31st, 2024. AV-School 2024 theme is “Impressions” and it celebrates the Department of Audio and Visual Arts’ 20th Anniversary. The program is open to all those interested in contemporary art issues and new technologies, focusing this year in topics related with film, performance art, radio, gaming and art research. Registration for both workshops and seminars is free, and attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

The program includes [In English]: “Filmquiry or rebellious research – on filmmaking in academia” by Agata Lulkowska, “Exploring Cinematography and Creative Space in Filmmaking” by Mark Bond, “20 years of games as a field of study, design and art form” by Jakob Berglund Rogert, [in Greek]: “Cinematic Feminist Approaches” by Kleone Flessa, “Cinematic Tourism and Perception Shaping through Pop Culture” by Alkmini Gritzali, “Artistic Research Writing: style issues” by Maria Aslanidi, “Dancing with/ our ecological awareness: Introduction to Butoh dance” by Eleni Kolliopoulou, “Secrets of Voice Acting - Discovering the Power of your Voice” by Lina Petrianou and “Radio Art, Radio Drama, Digital Radio, Radio Documentary” (will be held at Dept Archives, Library Science and Museology 2.39) by Renata Dalianoudi, George Monembasitis, Spyros Kavakopoulos, Andreas Mniestris, Spyros Galanopoulos, and Theofanis Maragkos.

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