Yorgos Drosos

Yorgos Drosos was born in Cholargos, Athens, in 1980. He has studied Mass Media and Communication in the University of Athens and has an MA in “Music Culture and Communication” from the same University. He is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University. His first novel, “Elliniki Asphyxia” (The Greek Asphyxiation), was published in 2013, under the pseudonym Elias Nisaris. He has also worked as a copywriter. His articles –under his real name or the aforementioned pseudonym- have featured on a variety of online and press publications (3pointmagazine.gr, thecricket.gr, consider.gr, Metropolis Free Press, Fractal Press, mixtape.gr, lifo.gr, HUMBA!, ποιητική, na ena milo et al.). His next book, “To Orfano Aristourgima” (The Orphaned Masterpiece) is set for publication in 2017, under his real name.

Location-based Storytelling

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