The scope of the programme "Audiovisual Arts in the Digital Age" is the cultivation and specialization in the creative field of new forms of artistic expression using exclusively digital media (Digital Arts/Arts of New Media), as these are founded in the creative background of traditional forms of art (art, engraving, sculpture, as well as music/sound production), but are differentiated and developed mainly and exclusively with the integration of the ever-evolving digital interactive and audiovisual technology.

The objective of the PSP is to promote scientific knowledge, research and artistic creation in the inter-disciplinary creative field of digital audiovisual art and communication/creative industry, utilizing the modern Interactive and audiovisual representation technologies, with emphasis on the application of the relevant scientific thinking, and the production of artistic work. The above features are offered primarily to artists who have already shown creative experience and artistic work using traditional expressive means, which are widely used in the field of fine arts, and who want to acquire expertise in the use of the new media offered by digital audiovisual technology and interaction technology, in order to further develop their artistic identity, so that a) it is either bounded in the form of autonomous artistic work, within the scope of the digital art (and in particular the art of sound, image or a multimedia combination) (b) or entails characteristics of activity in the fields of the creative economy as well as the audiovisual communication and industry.

The PSP awards Postgraduate Studies Diplomas (PSD) entitled ‘Audiovisual Arts in the Digital Age.' The type of awarded diploma is defined in Annex A of the present regulation.

To the programme "Audiovisual Arts in the Digital Age," graduates of Greek higher education Institutions or recognized foreign institutions of equivalent status are admitted in accordance with the provisions of article 34 of Law. 4485/2017. Based on the particular goals of the programme, the diploma a candidate holds should relate primarily to traditional art forms.

The minimum duration of studies (registration period) is set at three (3) semesters. The total duration of studies (maximum registration) may not exceed the period of three (3) years. Exceeding the above limit shall result in the immediate withdrawal of the postgraduate student from the programme.

During the spring semester of each year, the Department Assembly, following a justified recommendation from the C.C, determines the number of students who can be admitted to the postgraduate programme during the following academic year and makes an invitation for expression of interest, with a maximum of thirty five (35) vacancies (students) per year.

Participation in the postgraduate programme requires the payment of tuition fees from postgraduate students totaling €3,000.00. The postgraduate students pay these fees either in full upon completion of their enrolment in the programme, or in an installment scheme.

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Updated: 02-08-2018

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