Interactive Sound Design

Teacher(s): Zannos IoannisNew Window
Course Code: YKB6
Course Type: Compulsory
Course Level: Postgraduate
Lecture Language: Greek
Semester: 2nd
Learning Units: 6
Short Description:

This unit is an introduction to interactive technologies of sound with application in the arts. The objectives of the unit are to give an overview of technologies, theories and artistic practices related to interactive sound arts. In the domain of software it introduces principles of Object Oriented Programming for Sound on the basis of the SuperCollider sound and music programmig environment, and also gives an overview of other systems that use SuperCollider, such as TidalCycles, FoxDot, Sonic Pi, or systems based on other paradigms, such as Max/MSP, Pure Data and others. Regarding hardware, the unit gives an overview of physical computing systems based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and various types of sensors as well as image based motion analysis systems (OpenCV). In the domain of theory, the unit discusses concepts that can serve as basis for conceiving and creating interactive sound art works such as narrative, ritual, model, simulation, calculation, design, construction, calculation, prediction, navigation, migration or journey, game or play, conflict, war. The course reviews current sounic art practices based on recent studies in the field such as the works of Christoph Cox. Students are evaluated on the basis of an theoretical study or an artwork submitted at the end of the semester. In all cases it is required to submit a written text explaining the sources, the concept and methodology and the conclusions of the study, and which includes a reference section citing the bibliographical sources of the study.

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