Creative Internet Technologies

Teacher(s): Giannakoulopoulos AndreasNew Window, Floros AngelosNew Window, Pergantis MinasNew Window
Course Code: YEA2
Course Type: Elective
Course Level: Postgraduate
Lecture Language: Greek
Semester: 1st
Learning Units: 6
Short Description:

With the concept of the hypertext as a theoretical starting point, the course will examine the possibilities that the World Wide Web technologies offer for the development of interactive applications, with emphasis on artistic expression as well as communicating the message to the user. Besides providing students with specialized technological knowledge, the course familiarizes them with the best professional practices for the development of dynamic websites and special purpose applications, in a way that addresses the manifold design and technical issues that comprise the framework for the development and operation of internet applications. The course requires background training in the basic knowledge of the hypertext markup language, style sheets and client-side scripting languages aiming at deepening the students’ knowledge in the technological parameters of the subject while promoting a synthetic approach as far as the creative and constructive aspect is concerned.

The current situation of social distancing turns with its own dynamics the orientation of Digital Arts to intangible entities. International Art Festivals become digitally, transforming not only their structure but the content of the works they can host.

Synchronising with this trend, the educational process of the course is enhanced with the P5 open library for Javascript, a platform capable of producing Internet Projects for desktops but also for portable devices using internet data.

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