Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

11-13 November 2018, UNAM and CCD, Mexico


The first part of the proceedings of TTT2018 has been released by Intellect Books as a special issue of Technoetic Arts, vol. 16 issue 3.

Authors: Sixto Castro, Graydon Wetzler, Hege Tapio, Adam Zaretsky, Dolores Steinman - David Steinman, Matej Vakula, Sofia Falomir, Maro Pebo, Polona Tratnik, Linus Lancaster, Jenifer Wightman, Miguel Oliveros, Ebru Yetiskin, Dimitrios Traperas - Nikos Kanellopoulos and Yi-Chen Wu.

Editor: Roy Ascott
Associate Editor: Luna Zhou
Guest Editor: Dalila Honorato
Production Manager: Faith Newcombe
Cover image: Ioanna Logaki
This issue's contents here: