XenoZombie: Performance by guest artists Robert B. Lisek, Clarissa Ribeiro and Adam Zaretsky, Wednesday 27 March 2024, starting 21:00, at Polytechno

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Dalila Honorato
On Wednesday, March 27th, at 21:00 at Polytechno, artists Robert B. Lisek, Clarissa Ribeiro and Adam Zaretsky will be performing XenoZombie as guest of the Ionian University within the framework of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts. XenoZombie is a dystopian performance blending reproduction tech with glitched chimeras and cybernetic flesh.
Participants: Robert B. Lisek is an artist, mathematician and composer who focuses on systems, networks and processes (computational, biological, social) | Clarissa Ribeiro is the Program Director of the Roy Ascott Studio Advanced Degree Program in Technoetic Arts in Shanghai | Adam Zaretsky, PhD, is a Bioartist, a Wet-Lab Artist & Practitioner with an emphasis on transgenic human technology | Dalila Honorato is a social scientist which research centers on the uncanny and the acrobatic balance between phobia and paraphilia.
XenoZombie is an outcome of the event TTTfellows: Art and Science Residency II by the Ionian University within the project Rewilding Cultures co-funded by Creative Europe. Within the same project the artists will be participating in the guest-talk “Genetic Engineering in Hybrid Arts” on Thursday 28 March 2024, 15-17:00 in room YK1.


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Rewilding Cultures
Ionian University


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