TTT2023 Malta Program released!

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The complete program of activities of TTT2023 Malta taking place at the Palazzo de la Salle in Valletta on September 26-29th, 2023 has just been published. Approximately 170 speakers from more than 30 countries focused (a) on questions about the nature of the forbidden and about the aesthetics of liminality, and (b) on the opening of spaces for creative transformation in the merging of science and art.

Besides the conference sessions, TTT2023 Malta presents its art-show entitled RawCookedRotten, which includes an exhibition and performances, as an invitation “to explore the dimensions of food and reflect as well on the complex meanings and relationships between Eating and Beingeaten”. The program includes contributions by the Rewilding Cultures Consortium, Hub of Art LaboratoriesKONTEJNER bureau of contemporary art practice and Cultivamos Cultura.

Co-funded for the first time by the Ionian University and the European Union, TTT2023 Malta is being organized within the framework of the project Rewilding Cultures by the Feral Labs Network under Creative Europe, counting with further support by the Interactive Arts Laboratory of the Ionian UniversityTechnoetic Arts: a Journal of Speculative Research published by Intellect and the hosting institution Malta Society of Arts.

The international conference Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science (TTT) is an interdisciplinary and nomadic event, where both practitioners as well as theorists present and discuss the status of art-science and/or art & technology. TTT has been hosted in Greece (2016-2017), Mexico (2018), Austria-Online (2020) and will soon be hosted in Malta (2023). 


Funded by

Rewilding Cultures
Ionian University


Projekt Atol Institute
Cultivamos Cultura
Catch / Helsingør Kommune
Udruga Radiona
Bioart Society
AVarts Dept
InArts Lab
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