The Ionian University is now presenting the first of three calls for TTTfellows: Art and Science Residency taking place on 17-30 April (online) and 1-16 May 2023 on the island of Corfu. TTTfellows, inspired by the thematics of the conference Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science, challenges scientists and artists to collaborate in developing an artistic workshop related to informal surgical training artists, philosophers and social theorists on the topic of human oocyte collection. This invitation includes to develop an Art&Science workshop / lecture performance and draft of a speculative piece proposal for publication / exhibit  based on informal education in practices of oocyte pick up (OPU) procedure as well as cryogenic sperm and ovum storage technique. 

TTTfellows is integrated in the project Rewilding Cultures by the Feral Labs Network, co-funded by the European Union, aiming to bring together one artist and one scientist for 30 days of interdisciplinary friction and local environment immersion. Participants should be willing to contribute to the development of a local Feral Labs DIY Bio Hub i.e. presentation for graduate students at the AV-school workshops-seminars cycle of the Audiovisual Arts Festival; and drafting a speculative piece proposal for publication / exhibit to be included in the archive of the Ionian University. The organization offers accommodation in Corfu and a fee of approx. 1000 euros to cover expenses related with traveling and research. 

TTTfellows: Art and Science Residency is an interdisciplinary research incubator, a think-tank dedicated to bending the boundaries of art, science and technology. This seems possible, while exploring alternative sources of communicating knowledge, by creating work proposals in the field of new media or creative writing  in terms of: open source technologies; DIY (do-it-yourself), DIWO (do-it-with-others) and DITO (do-it-together) cultures; and STEAM concepts involving interdisciplinary and non-formal education and hybrid activities. 

In a time of extraordinary scientific advances and ethical dilemmas in the fields of bioinformatics, new reproduction technologies, transgenic germline alterations and animal behavior studies,  TTTfellows organized by the Ionian University is an invitation to rethink the concepts: womb, birth control, ovum pickup, eco burial, cryogenics, embryo grade and implant, genital development, death, selective reduction, family planning and transgenic germline alterations. 

TTTfellows: Art and Science Residency is an hybrid artist and academic experimental project to be organized in three different seasons while offering to its fellows the opportunity to contribute as well to the activities of TTTlabs BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC) and other activities developed by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts: 

  1. TTTfellows I. (Spring 2023) Human Oocyte and Collection/Cryopreservation, 
  2. TTTfellows II. (Spring 2024) Artificial Insemination 
  3. TTTfellows III. (Fall 2024) Embryo Implantation Procedures 

TTTlabs BioFeral.BeachCamp provides a first ground for experimentation with a diverse host of peers and enables continuation of work throughout TTTfellows: Art and Science Residency. The residencies augment the capacities of TTTlabs BFBC and can be important innovation bearers, especially in terms of gender and social, economic inclusivity and more ecologically sustainable practices. TTTfellows: Art and Science Residency programmes are designed for growing deeper community ties by working with local hubs: offering space for one scientist and one artist or writer to combine theory and practice in spaces and places of reflection; stimulating interdisciplinary discussion and speculation in order to cultivate art-sci collaboration; and rewilding hybrid arts with depth scientific knowledge interpretations. 


Updated: 31-03-2023

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