The Ionian University announces TTTfellows: Art & Science Residency an open call for scientists and artists to apply to be funded in tandem collaboration to develop an Art&Science workshop or lecture performance and a draft of a speculative piece proposal for publication / exhibit exploring informal surgical training for artists, philosophers and social theorists on the topic of human reproductive technologies. This is a call for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) specialists: gynecologists, developmental biologists, embryologists, IVF technicians, qualified OPU training staff as well as collaborative bioartists, performance artists, device artists and hacker/maker tech artists. One scientist or medical worker and one artist will be selected from the applicant pool by a qualified international selection committee to be paired on a mission to make a creative exploration into informal education focused on the practices of oocyte pick up (OPU) procedure as well as cryogenic sperm and ovum storage technique. The outcomes of this collaboration will be: two presentations to the participants in TTTlabs and to graduate students at the AV-school workshops-seminars cycle of the Audiovisual Arts Festival and one draft of a speculative piece proposal for publication / exhibit to be included in the archive of the Ionian University. Applications are open until 28 February 2023. Results to be announced on 15 March 2023.

To apply please fill up the form:

Updated: 18-01-2023
The application period has concluded. Thank you for your interest.

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