Networked Live Coding
Date and Time: 26/05/2021 (17:00-18:00 EEST)

This worskhop shows how to share performance data in real time over the internet via OSC, and demonstrates some applications using playback of recorded data from dance performances. OSCGroups is used to broadcast messages from SuperCollider to all members in a group. We show how to use OSCGroups in order to share data. As a demonstration, movement data from sensors recorded from dance performances ( are sent to supercollider and openFrameworks clients in each remote user, in order to generate sound and graphics. Furthermore we discuss other possibilities of remote collaboration and possible future developments, using Docker to install Machine Learning software in order to process sound and control data.

Requirements for participation
Passive participation: no requirements
Active participation: SuperCollider <> and
OSCGroups <>

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Workshops' Instructors
Martin CarléAlexandra CharalambidiNikos CharalambidisGiorgos DiapoulisIannis Zannos
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