Collaborative Sound Art Forms in Performance
Date and Time: 26/05/2021 (15:00-16:00 EEST)

The project “Etude 3” is trio etude of free improvisation and sound technologies. The objective of the project is about creating collaborative forms and common places in order to act and interact through and with sound. The environment and programming language of SuperCollider is considered as an interactive tool between sound and human agency in which the structure of the performance is formed and is distinguished into three points:
• SC Sound Processing, Pre- recorded sounds (Agapi Zarda)
• Input 1, Voice (Filippos Vasileiou)
• Input 2 Contact Microphone (Yiannis Lefas)

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Workshops' Instructors
Agapi ZardaFilippos VasileiouYiannis Lefas
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