Web Trends 2021: Design, Production, Promotion
Date and Time: 24/05/2021 (16:00-19:00 EEST)

Supervisors: Andreas Giannakoulopoulos, Agis Konidaris
Instructors: Aris Lamprogeorgos, Nikolas Grigoriou, Pigi Vardikou

The world of the Web is constantly evolving, improving, and growing. Technologies are increasing, devices are improving, user needs are changing, and platforms are being upgraded.

The ecosystem that exists around what we call the “World Wide Web” is one of the most dynamic and evolving in the field of technology and marketing. The changes that take place in designing websites and apps, in content production and products and services promotion never cease and are mutually dependent. They go hand in hand with each other, and developments in one space directly affect trends in the rest.

This webinar is for anyone interested in learning the latest developments and trends in the web ecosystem. Specialised scientists and market people with extensive experience in the field, present the Web Trends of 2021.

Topics related to the latest trends on the web will be presented, including:
Web Design Trends
Website & Content Production Trends
Marketing & Advertising Trends

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Seminars' Instructors
Andreas GiannakoulopoulosAgis KonidarisAris LamprogeorgosNikolas GrigoriouPigi Vardikou

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