Sound over LAN

Speaker(s): Konstantinos Tsioutas PhD candidate, Audio and Visual Arts Department Ionian University Corfu
Date & Time: 18/05/2016 09:00-11:00
Location: AVARTS Secretariat Building, Room 4, Former Asylum
Language: Greek

The workshop Sound over LAN is an introduction to the audio transmission technologies over IP local networks. At a time when the use of Internet services is an integral part of our everyday life and services on the other constantly extended daily with new innovative ideas, the sound is a basic unit of information to be transmitted. Numerous web services are based on sound transmission. Internet Radios, On line tv's, video on demand, video conference, and many other services are carried out daily offering something new to the already sophisticated and intelligent global Internet.

The workshop is addressed to young people who are studying the art of sound and music in higher education level and want to acquire a basic knowledge on the web technologies as well as the audio compression technologies used for audio transmission.

Objectives of the workshop are the participants to get a basic idea on the web technologies, web architecture, transmission protocols, Internet equipment issues and a general idea on the networks, which are in daily provision in the workplace as the studios and live concerts where the sound tends to be transmitted over IP. Those who take part will experience the remote transmission of sound through the university local network in real-time.

The workshop includes the “hands on lab” section where the participants will get familiar with simple audio playing and recoding tools through command line in Unix environments and real time audio streaming over LAN using g-streamer libraries.

Finally the workshop aims to draw conclusions about the quality of service of the audio streaming using the above techniques regarding the delay and the transmitted audio quality.

Workshops' Instructors
Konstantinos Tsioutas

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