ICT and Collaborative Creativity in Modern School towards Knowledge Society

Speaker(s): Anastasiades Panagiotes, Professor, University of Crete - Christidis Kostas, Doctor, University of Crete - Karvounis Lampros, Doctoral Candidate, University of Crete - Kotsidis Kostas, Doctoral Candidate, University of Crete
Date & Time: 21/05/2016 09:00-12:00
Location: Conference Room, Ground Floor, Department of History
Language: Greek

Knowledge Society creates new financial and social framework at an international level. The recent economic crisis, having ethical, political, cultural and social dimensions, exacerbates social inequalities violently and rapidly contributes, from scratch, to the search of concepts and situations, which seemed solid in recent decades. The educational system follows these developments uneasily and tries to manage a new routine, feature of which is the uncertainty and the constant unknown that changes constantly. All we have as a fact is that we train citizens for a society and a world we have no idea how it will be, after a few years. The purpose of this workshop is to highlight the concept of collaborative creativity with the use of ICT, as one of the most important tools, which the thinking teacher has in order to respond critically to the demands of our times.

Workshops' Instructors
Panagiotes AnastasiadesKostas ChristidisLampros KarvounisKostas Kotsidis

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