Διεπιστημονικό Συνέδριο


στην Τέχνη και την Επιστήμη

26-28 Μαΐου 2017, Ιόνιο Πανεπιστήμιο, Κέρκυρα


Welcome Thursday May 25th
19:00Opening Exhibition "Body ESC"
Municipal Gallery of Corfu, open until June 4 (10-16:00)
Day 1 Friday 26 May 2017
08:30Opening and Welcome
09:00Session 1 – Sex
Chair: Marina Papasotiriou, Ionian University, Greece
1.1.Nudity and the body: from antiquity to contemporary museumsStavros VlizosIonian University, Greece
1.2.From ancient toys to anthropomorphic sex machines Georgos PavlisIonian University, Greece
1.3.Transgressive laughter in austere Sparta: the ritual αισχρολογια at the sanctuary of Artemis OrthiaAdrien DelahayeUniversity of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France
10:15Session 2A – More Sex
Chair: Ioannis Deliyannis, Ionian University, Greece
2A.1.Transcending the "script": identity in internet art through Deleuze and LacanMaria Argyrokastriti & Nikos MoschopoulosIonian University & Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
2A.2.Neurosexism: Gender stereotypes that still rules Neuroscience. A neurofeminist criticism for deconstructing hardwired gender mindsSofia Tsepeneka & Aikaterini GialopsouIonian University, Greece
2A.3.Pornography or Art? Transgressive revelations in cinemaDespina PoulouAristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Session 2B – Input
Chair: Rob Kesseler, Central Saint Martins, UK
2B.1.Logo taboos: redesigning the visual identity of the Cyprus University of TechnologyEvripides ZantidesCyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
2B.2.POLISPECTIVE: a multi-user audiovisual virtual environment as a performative installation spatial experiencePenny Papageorgopoulou, Dimitris Charitos, Charalampos Rizopoulos, Iouliani TheonaUniversity of Athens, Greece
2B.3.The Aesthetics of Anger: Spatializing Emotions through Intermedia PracticesBill PsarrasIonian University, Greece
Break (11:30-12:00)
12:00Guest Speakers: Adam Zaretsky & Marta de Menezes
Chair: Andreas Giannakoulopoulos, Ionian University, Greece
Why I Want to Fuck E.O. Wilson: The Sociobiology of NetpornAdam ZaretskyMarist College, USA
Identity Issues. Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?Marta de MenezesCultivamos Cultura, Portugal
13:15Opening Poster Exhibition
Ionios Vouli, open until May 30 (13-18:00)
14:45Session 3A – Queer
Chair: Marily Argyrokastriti, Ionian University, Greece
3A.1.The issue of the post-gender and transgressive identities in contemporary greek reality in the cinematic work of Panos KoutrasIakovos PanagopoulosUniversity of Central Lancashire, UK
3A.2.Wishful ThinkingLouise MackenzieNorthumbria University, UK
3A.3.How to Use Gay Nazis in Job Interviews: Facebook, Lust and Austerity-age HorrorAlexandros PapadopoulosLiverpool Hope University, UK
Session 3B – More Input
Chair: Bill Psaras, Ionian University, Greece
3B.1.Neuroimaging within the scope of artAntonia PlerouIonian University, Greece
3B.2.The aesthetics of mathematical anathemas. Division by zero.Ioannis Bardakos & Alain LioretUniversity of Paris VIII, France
3B.3.Requiem For A Dream: Drug Esthetics In Audiovisual ProcessesLaura Langer RossiNew York University, USA
16:00Session 4A – Vibrations
Chair: Apostolos Loufopoulos, Ionian University, Greece
4A.1.Sonic representations in hyperspaces: a creative approachDimitrios Traperas, Andreas Floros & Nikolaos KanellopoulosIonian University, Greece
4A.2.Semiotics and memetics in algorithmic music compositionKonstantinos Bakogiannis & George CambourakisUniversity of Athens, Greece
4A.3.LAN Game: Space, density, will, self-organization within human-machine interaction in a live electronics workPhilippos Theocharidis & Andreas MniestrisIonian University, Greece
Session 4B – Freak
Chair: Maria Antonia Gonzalez Valerio, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico
4B.1.Shadow Theatre and Human DollsGiorgos Nikopoulos, Dalila Honorato, Marianne StrapatsakisIonian University, Greece
4B.2.HumanfuelHege Tapioi/o/lab – Center for Future Art, Norway
Break (17:15-17:45)
17:45Guest Speakers: Kathy High & Irina Aristarkhova
Chair: Andreas Floros, Ionian University, Greece
Waste Matters – You Are My Future: Gut LoveKathy HighRensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Eating the MotherIrina AristarkhovaUniversity of Michigan, USA
19:00Session 5A – Focus
Chair: Nikos Konstantinou, Ionian University, Greece
5A.1.Microscopy as a form of artAntigoni Avramouli,
Maria Gonidi & Maria Lambropoulou
Ionian University, Greece
5A.2.Art, Science and the Importance of Limits Eleni GemtouUniversity of Athens, Greece
5A.3.Technoviduality and the post-truth phenomenon: truth as a technological tabooTheodore KabouridisAristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Session 5B – More Queer
Chair: Tania Tsiridou, Ionian University, Greece
5B.1.Plant-Human MonstersŠpela PetričIndependent, Slovenia
5B.2.Zombies and the Death of Mainstream Media - An Analysis of George A. Romero's Diary of The DeadYorgos DrososIonian University, Greece
5B.3.Beyond limits: Zombie theory and the art and science of constraintBrian Reffin SmithIndependent, Germany
21:00Odd Meme
pFARM (film screening)Adam ZaretskyVASTAL, USA
evolver (live performance)Alo AllikQueen Mary University of London, UK
Chimerapocalypse II : Apathy for the Anthropocene (live performance)Swan MinotaurAnemonal, Mexico & University of the Arts London, UK
Day 2 Saturday 27 May 2017
08:30Opening and Welcome
09:00Session 6A – Bio Art
Chair: Adam Zaretsky, Marist College, USA
6A.1.Hair, veins and motion: Leonardo and Bio ArtAssimina KaniariAthens School of Fine Arts, Greece
6A.2.The art of living systems: between natural and technologicalOlga RemnevaIndependent, Russia
6A.3.Transgenic Art. Creativity in the Era of Genetic EngineeringMario SaviniUniversity of Teramo, Italy
Session 6B – More Vibrations
Chair: Leigh Landy, Montfort University, UK
6B.1.BLACK SONIC HOLE: An immersive and interactive sonic soundscape based on Schwarzschild's Geodesics for Black Holes. Humanizing the scale of complex singular physical phenomena in the post-digital ageDaniel Perez-Grande, Miguel Oliveros & David MoranteSpace Interactional Experience group, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid & Universidad Complutense de Madrid
6B.3.Behind the piece „Durch das Tor Kroatiens und wieder zurück: Hörspaziergänge in Ostslawonien (Through the gates of Croatia and back: Listening walks in Eastslavonia)“Aleksandar VejnovicSoundscape and Environmental Media Lab, Germany
10:15 Session 7A – Virtual
Chair: Julian Stadon, University of the Arts London, UK
7A.2.evolver (live performance)Alo AllikQueen Mary University of London, UK
7A.3.Aural Simulacra; the signal's path to metamorphosisLuc Messinezis & Apostolos LoufopoulosIonian University, Greece
Session 7B – More Bioart
Chair: Marta de Menezes, Cultivamos Cultura, Portugal
7B.1.On the border between nature and post nature. Safe suicide.Karolina ŻyniewiczUniversity of Warsaw, Poland
7B.2.Transgenic Butterfly with a Gene of the Artist / Leda MelanitisIoannis MelanitisAthens School of Fine Arts, Greece
7B.3.The Invisible Motion – Bioart and Political ImagingEbru Yetiskin & Ayse Gul SuterIstanbul Technical University, Turkey
Break (11:30-12:00)
12:00Guest Speakers: Luís Graça & Gunalan Nadarajan
Chair: Dalila Honorato, Ionian University, Greece
The path towards immortality: a collaboration on the intersection of art and scienceLuis GraçaUniversity of Lisbon, Portugal
Of Laughing Gas and Fecal Transplants: Self-Experimentation in Science and ArtGunalan NadarajanUniversity of Michigan, USA
13:15Monkey Ostrich and Grave (film screening)
Oleg Mavromati and Boryana Rossa (Independent, USA & Syracuse University, USA)
Break (13:15-14:45)
14:45 Session 8A – Nonplace
Chair: Elif Ayiter, Sabancı University, Turkey
8A.1.Art, Neuroscience and prints - The case of Susan AldwarthMaria AthanasekouUniversity of the Aegean, Greece
8A.2.How to disappear completely: cosmological bruises, black holes and the multiverseJane GrantPlymouth University, UK
8A.3.The Economy of THEŌRIA in the Transhumanistic Era Katerina Karoussos Plymouth University, UK
Session 8B – Artificial
Chair: Mary Maggic Tsang, MIT Media Lab & Hackteria, USA
8B.1.An artificial intelligence toolkit under creative commons: Exploring complex, absurd elements in myths and art-worldsMariana ZikuAthens School of Fine Arts, Greece
8B.2.Technical and Aesthetic Approaches to Image Generation-Research and Application John Thrasher The Ohio State University, USA
8B.3.Revisiting the Cloud/s: Interfacing Open Weather Data and Post-Anthropocene Aesthetics Julian Stadon University of the Arts, London
16:00Session 9A – More Nonplace
Chair: Katerina Karoussos, Plymouth University, UK
9A.1.Repetition is transgression. Reflections on constructive and destructive aspects of repetitionJulia HeurlingPlymouth University, UK
9A.2.Writing Ghosts: How to Enter the Room InsideRegina DuerigPlymouth University, UK
9A.3.The Island of Time: the infamous Pontikonisi of Corfu as self transcendence limit Nikos MamalosIonian University, Greece
Session 9B – More Artificial
Chair: Emmanouil Magkos, Ionian University, Greece
9B.1.Uncanny SymmetriesElif AyiterSabancı University, Turkey
9B.2.xoxoxErik ZepkaEmpire State University, Canada
9B.3.Cognition Enhancement: Blending persuasive technology and emerging web-based applications.Sotirios Fotiou, Antonia Plerou
& Panagiotis Vlamos
Ionian University, Greece
Break (17:45)
17:45Guest Speakers: Roy Ascott & Andrew Carnie
Chair: Nikos Kanellopoulos, Ionian University, Greece
The Psibernetic ArchRoy AscottPlymouth University, UK
A Change of HeartAndrew CarnieSouthampton University, UK
19:15Session 10A – Serious Games
Chair: John Thrasher, The Ohio State University, USA
10A.1.Structs for an aspatial quantum-nowAndré SierPlymouth University, UK
10A.2.Portrayal of Biohackers in News and Technological WebsitesAndreas Giannakoulopoulos, Laida Limniati, Dalila HonoratoIonian University & University of Athens, Greece
10A.3.Phage Technologies for Leaky MembranesMike Phillips & Birgitte AgaPlymouth University, UK
Session 10B – Uncanny
Chair: Polona Tratnik, Alma Mater Europaea, Slovenia
10B.1.In Vivo: ArtSci practices in unexpected spacesRoberta BuianiArtSci Salon, Canada
10B.2.Molecular QueeringMary Maggic TsangMIT Media Lab & Hackteria, USA
10B.3.The Beauty Kit Focus GroupIsabel Burr RatySacroFilms, Belgium
Day 3 Sunday 28 May 2017
08:30Opening and Welcome
09:00Session 11A – More Serious Games
Chair: Michail Panagopoulos, Ionian University, Greece
11A.1.POOLmeAlkistis GeorgiouIonian University, Greece
11A.2.Taboo of the Body in the Framework of Product Design Education, ThailandTommaso MaggioPlymouth University, UK
11A.3.The understanding of Education as a transportation systemRui WuPlymouth University, UK
Session 11B – More Uncanny
Chair: Antonia Plerou, Ionian University, Greece
11B.1.Tracing the Origin of Art and Science in Greece: The case of Roussos KoundourosMaria ChalkouIonian University, Greece
11B.2.EkphrasisTomas LaurenzoCity University of Hong Kong, China
11B.3.The Mirror of Faith: Can Genetic Predisposition of Spirituality be Represented as a Body?Boryana Rossa, Oleg Mavromati
& Michael Edel
Syracuse University, USA & University of Barcelona, Spain
10:15Session 12A – Film Fear
Chair: Thomas Valianatos, Ionian University, Greece
12A.1.To Transcendence through Destruction: a Figure from Ghost in the Shell (1995)Giulia BelloniLa Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
12A.2.Cinema: In the Vanguard of the Twentieth Century - Film as a Premonition of Technological ExcessKostoula KaloudiUniversity of Peloponnese, Greece
12A.3.The use of fear as structural feature in visual arts and cinema artIakovos Panagopoulos, Konstantinos Tiligadis & Francesco KiaisUniversity of Central Lancashire, UK, Ionian University, Greece & Independent, Italy
Session 12B - Writing Bio art: Living media between artistic practice and art history
Book Presentation: Institutional Critique to Hospitality: Bio art practice now (Athens, Grigoris, 2017)
Chair: Assimina Kaniari, Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece
Irina AristarkhovaUniversity of Michigan, USA
Kathy HighRensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Ioannis MelanitisAthens School of Fine Arts, Greece
Marta de MenezesCultivamos Cultura, Portugal
Gunalan NadarajanUniversity of Michigan, USA
Adam ZaretskyMarist College, USA
Break (11:30-12:00)
12:00Guest Speakers: Maria Antonia Valerio Gonzalez & Polona Tratnik
Chair: Theodoros Vlachos, Ionian University, Greece
Landscapes, environments and limitsMaria Antonia Valerio GonzalezUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico
Designing Life. Designing Grass, Designing Dress, Designing HumanPolona TratnikAlma Mater Europaea, Slovenia