The Ionian University announces TTTfellows: Art & Science Residency II an open call for scientists and artists to apply to be funded in tandem collaboration to develop an Art&Science workshop or lecture performance and a draft of a speculative piece proposal for publication / exhibit exploring informal surgical training for artists, philosophers and social theorists on the topic of human reproductive technologies. 

The organization is committed to gather a diverse group of participants (age, gender identification, origin, sexual orientation, class, differently abledness, and any other underrepresented or divergent non-normative groups). Applications are open for the following fields of expertise: Bioartists, Performance Artists, Gynecologists, Biologists, Video Jockeys (VJs), Biohackers / Makers, Body - Horror / Science - Fiction Writers, Science Technology Studies Scholars, New Reproductive Technology Specialists, Body Artists, Psychologists, Genetic Counselors and Animal Studies Ethnographers / Scientists or other related fields. 

One scientist or medical worker and one artist will be selected from the applicant pool by a qualified international selection committee to be paired on a mission to make a creative exploration into informal education focused on the practices of syngamy. 

The outcomes of this collaboration will be: two presentations to graduate students and one draft of a speculative piece proposal for publication / exhibit to be included in the archive of the Ionian University. 

Applications are open until 8 January 2024. Results to be announced on 31 January 2024.

To apply please fill out the form:

Updated: 02-01-2024
The application period has concluded. Thank you for your interest.

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