Adam Zaretsky

Adam Zaretsky, PhD, is the artistic director of TTTlabs and TTTfellows. He is a Bioartist, a Wet-Lab Artist & Practitioner mixing Ecology, Biotechnology, Nonhuman Relations, Body Performance and Gastronomy with an emphasis on transgenic human technology. Currently he is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Hub of Art Laboratories (HAL) of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts, Ionian University focusing on biomedia as dataart. 

Dalila Honorato

Dalila Honorato, PhD, is the scientific director of TTTlabs and TTTfellows and coordinator of the management and curatorial board of the conference TTT in Art & Science. She is Associate Professor at the  Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University where she is presently a member of the Audiovisual Arts Festival; Gender Equality; Library; and Deontology & Research Ethics committees.

Iakovos Panagopoulos

Iakovos Panagopoulos, PhD, is responsible for the videography, photo documentation and audiovisual production. He is an award-winning Greek film director and researcher, under Academic Scholarship in the field of Production and Creation of Artistic Audiovisual Projects, at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University.

Ioanna Logaki

Ioanna Logaki, MA, is a professional graphic designer, specialized in visual conceptualization for educational institutions design identity and publications. She is responsible for design communication and publications for "TTT in Art & Science" and other initiatives within the Ionian University.

Aristeidis Lambrogeorgos

Aristeidis Lambrogeorgos, MA, is a professional webmaster and web designer, specialized in Web communication flow coordination, programming, tech support and research. He is responsible for web communication platforms for "TTT in Art & Science", “TTTLabs”, “TTTfellow” and other initiatives within the Ionian University.

Maria Argyrokastriti

Maria Argyrokastriti, MFA, is an Art Studio Lecturer and PhD candidate at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts, presently member of the Communication and Promotion Committee Audiovisual Arts Festival and the Gender Equality Committee of the Ionian University. She is the PR and social media communication coordinator.

Stamatella Lamboura

Stamatella Lamboura, M.Sc, is a Laboratorial Teaching Staff at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts, presently member of the Research Committee as Funding & Tenders Assistant and as Human Resources Development Assistant of the Ionian University. She is the education administration and financial oversight coordinator.

Serafim Parsaloglou Marathias

Selected as the documentarist in residency, Serafim Parsaloglou Marathias is currently pursuing a degree in Audiovisual Arts at the Ionian University and has experience as a camera trainee and assistant, ie. "Goddard Knows the Truth" and "Goodwin Island", and as a production assistant, ie. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3”.

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