TTTfellows: Art & Science Residency 2024 Spring in Othonoi and Corfu with Dr. Clarissa Ribeiro and Dr. Robert Lisek has been concluded successfully

Posted: 18-04-2024 15:33 | Views: 454

The TTTfellows II – Artificial Insemination - successfully concluded its sessions from March 1st to 15th (online) and continued on-site from March 18th to 29th, 2024, on Corfu and Othonoi Islands. The program, detailed on the Ionian University residencies' website, focused on exploring Artificial Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization, Germline Gene Editing and Zombie Studies. It engaged a select group of participants, including Robert Lisek, Clarissa Ribeiro, Adam Zaretsky and Dalila Honorato, whose diverse backgrounds and expertise enriched the discussions and practices.

Dr. Robert Lisek is an interdisciplinary artist, mathematician, and composer focusing on systems, networks, and processes. His work spans media arts, AI art, immersive art, and storytelling, addressing social issues and human-machine interaction. Robert's project, "Zombie Embryos," explored fertilization and gene editing, emphasizing ethical and aesthetic implications through digital displays. Dr. Clarissa Ribeiro is a Brazilian multimedia artist and director at Roy Ascott Studio. Her project, "Window Water ${object} Moving (convolutional mnemonics)," combined art and technology to critique ectogenesis and government policies. The ongoing installation invited audience interaction, questioning societal impacts on population growth and consumerism. 

Collaboration is sought through the TTTfellows Art & Science Residency for project refinement and expansion in impermanent liminal spaces. As a result the outcomes of the reflection period of experimentation and friction in the remote Othonoi the fellows presented in Corfu town on March 27th, 21:00 at Polytechno, the performance XenoZombies blending reproduction tech with glitched chimeras and cybernetic flesh, and the lecture "Genetic Engineering in Hybrid Arts" on March 28th, as guests of the Ionian University for the 20th anniversary of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts. Besides this the fellows also visited the Bioinformatics and Human Electrophysiology Lab and the new HUB: Gamification Lab.

Comprehensive documentation and a video mini-documentary in the making will soon provide an insightful perspective on the program's focus on interdisciplinary dialogues and complex scientific and artistic territories. TTTfellows is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and the Ionian University within the Feral Labs Network have concluded their second round of three Camps and Residencies.


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