=ULTRASONICA= Sonographic Art
Date and Time: 15/05/2023 (15:00-17:00 EEST)
Location: Department of Audio & Visual Arts - Building 3: Drawing Studio (Old Asylum)

Sonography, better known as ultrasound, is commonly used as a method for diagnostic medical imaging to gain non-invasive visual insight into the body. Ultrasound phantoms are simulation models made to resemble the body with materials that have similar acoustic impedance and anatomical characteristics. These models are used to train medical staff to learn how to use sonography equipment to perform medical procedures such as IV cannulation. In this workshop, we will learn to create phantom models, not to resemble anatomical characteristics but to experiment with this method of image production. We will take inspiration from viewing our own bodies with an ultrasound probe, learn about acoustic impedance, and test the sonographic characteristics of different objects and substances to create artworks made to be seen under the acoustic lens of sonography.

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Workshops' Instructors
Aisen Caro Chacin

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