Artist’s Portfolio Lab
Date and Time: 14/05/2023 (15:00-17:00 EEST)
Location: Department of Audio & Visual Arts - Building 3: ΥΚ1 (Old Asylum)

This portfolio lab emphasizes on art portfolio-related best practices. Its main objective is to get students acquainted with the know-how of developing a scholarship-worthy art portfolio. Participants will have the opportunity to be further acquainted with practices and techniques of promoting their work, as well as current market-related trends and procedures as these develop and evolve within each period.

Requirements to participate:
The participants will have to prepare a presentation of their art portfolio including an artist statement of one of their own works. The presentation will last 10 minutes (5 minutes for the presentation + 5 minutes for Q&A).

Language of instruction:

Duration: 2 hours

Workshops' Instructors
Maria Aslanidi

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