Comics Translation Workshop: Μια πρακτική προσέγγιση

Speaker(s): Dr Zoi Resta, Teaching Staff, Ionian University, DFLTI, Greece - Danai Tachtara, PhD candidate, University of Malaga, Spain
Date & Time: 19/05/2016 09:00-12:00
Location: AVARTS Areteos, Room 3, Former Asylum
Language: Greek

What is the process and the challenges of comics translation?
What is lettering?
Which is the required know-how?
How can a translator cooperate with an editor and a graphic designer?
Is there a theoretical approach for this procedure?
What are the difficulties in practice?
Can a translated comic have a wide appeal in a foreign country?

Images, words, fonts, implications, humour, slang, everyday language... These are some of the challenges we aim at facing during the said interactive Comics Translation Workshop supported by The Language Project.

    Detailed description: Comics Translation Workshop
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Workshops' Instructors
Zoi RestaDanai Tachtara

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