Music Seminar by Leigh Landy

Speaker: Leigh Landy
Date & Time: 16/05/2016 - 17:00-20:00 & 17/05/2016 - 15:00-18:00 (Dept. Music Studies room 403)
Language: English

1. On sound-based music – This talk, based on two books written by the presenter – "Understanding the Art of Sound Organization" (MIT) and "La musique des sons/The Music of Sounds" (Sorbonne), focuses on the notion that there exists a body of music in which the sound (as opposed to the traditional note) is the basis. The talk will focus on how information related to production, appreciation, understanding and cultural reception of this ‘supergenre' forms a coherent body of knowledge. As this musical area continues to expand, the talk will conclude with some thoughts regarding traditional aspects of music evolving in exciting ways in this 21st century.

2. On the word, ‘accessibility’ related to electroacoustic music: art for life’s sake – This second talk will come closer to the festival’s theme as aspects of it will involve controversial practices. The main goal of this talk is to suggest to musicians that access can be combined with experimentation and innovation with respect to sound-based music. In other words, there are means to connect with a public regardless of novel musical approaches being applied. Subjects will include: communication with the audience, the dramaturgy of music, combining sound-based music with lived experience, sampling culture, amateurs and professionals in today’s DIY culture and opening up our music to young people

3. The work(s) for the concert (as things now stand): Leigh Landy has created a series of ‘radio pieces’ over the last decade focusing on the French, British, German and Chinese radio broadcasters. All of the sound material consists of samples and only almost all of them are presented without manipulation . These spatialised works combine the ‘recomposition’ of daily life, humour, social commentary and issues regarding the legality of sampled sounds.

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Leigh Landy

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