3rd International Conference

Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges

Interdisciplinary Creativity in Arts and Technology

Online, May 28-29, 2021

Distributed Computing Paradigms for Optimization of Video Games and Mixed Reality Applications
Date and Time: 28/05/2021 (15:45-17:50)
Athanasios Tsipis, Vasileios Komianos, Konstantinos Oikonomou

Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) has emerged as a new paradigm for empowering efficient service unleashing from computationally constrained machines (Zhang, 2019). In MEC systems, edge servers are deployed at existing base stations to provide highly accessible computational and storage resources to nearby mobile users, alleviating in this way the computational burden of the remote cloud infrastructure. That said, current work focuses on decentralized computational offloading approaches onto the MEC ecosystem to provide rendering services that can be used by both video games and mixed reality applications for Quality of Service (QoS) optimization.


The Special Session
“Reflections: Bridges between Technology and Culture, Physical and Virtual”
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