Ken Rinaldo on Instagram about TTTLabs
Closing this week, I was a "Seer" for the Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art & Science in Corfu Greece curated by Dalila Honorato and Adam Zaretsky. I produced eight new works to be on display that probe the nature of the forbidden and aesthetics of liminality.
Wei Chieh (Abao) Shih on Instagram about TTTLabs
This is my first time to get my hands on living embryo, cell tissues, to make “art” out of it. I have learned many technologies like fertile chicken embryo for stem cell extraction or how to DIY your own micro injector to know the possibilities in biological modification surgery and the ethic around it. To be honest it takes courage to step in and understand that playing the chicken embryo demonstration is just a shrinkage version of those cruel ethical topics in life sciences. Talking about life without analogy, you are dealing with lives!
Prathima Muniyappa on Instagram about TTTLabs
After a month long planking marathon (with no side games, mind you) it dawned upon me that my mind’s ability to wander is as critical as patience is to make an instant eternal… there is some speculation that concentration of our organs’ in this central location may actually be the reason why we have a first-person view on the world.

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