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After a month long planking marathon (with no side games, mind you) it dawned upon me that my mind’s ability to wander is as critical as patience is to make an instant eternal… there is some speculation that concentration of our organs’ in this central location may actually be the reason why we have a first-person view on the world. The theory is that the sense that there is an ‘I’ looking out from the centre of our bodies comes from the body’s monitoring of unconscious visceral sensations from the heart and gut. Both generate their own unique symphonies, electrical signatures of rhythm that signal independently of the brain, a signal frequency inviting an entrainment response, a metaphorical meathook to hang our sense of self onto. And pictured here is an elder, the olive tree of Volves, standing strong at 4000 maybe 5000 years with its entire heartwood gone. I am so grateful for the friends who led me there and crawled up into its center and used their core (strength) to resonate with this wild and vegetal intelligence.
Ps: Remind me one day to tell you about universal synchrony and how it gave us our dreams?



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