4th International Conference

Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges

Interdisciplinary Creativity in Arts and Technology

Hybrid - Corfu/Online, May 13-14, 2022

Aesthetic Quantum and Fractal View of the World
Date and Time: 13/05/2022 (10:20-11:50)
Alain Lioret

This article discusses the artists ‘ability to see the world differently. Cubist, pointillist and other movements had strong intuitions in their time, so today's digital tools allow us to explore the world according to what it is, i.e., fractal and quantum. These tools make it possible to create works where art and science lose their natural boundaries and represent what is no longer necessarily what we perceive. Perhaps an astonishing response to Impressionism and a counterpoint to hyperrealism, with computational algorithms for creativity.
“At all times, artists have tried to represent the world, as it is, or as they see it. Above all, the viewer of the work wants to admire the artist's mastery of representing the visible world and seeks works that look real. " [1]. We all tend to decide without any thought that things are or are not like this. Strangely enough, it always seems to us that nature must look like familiar images. It is not easy to break free from preconceptions, and the most successful artists usually create the most powerful and fruitful works. Instructed by them, our gaze will perceive in the everyday landscape a fantastic character that habit has prevented us from accessing.
What we see or perceive is not necessarily reality. It was long believed that the Earth was flat, but as often it was due just to a question of scale. And it is precisely by changing the scale that the concepts of fractality and quanta appear. Representations in Art are done most of the time on a human scale. However, it can be very interesting to explore the field of possible representations of the world with visions located on very different scales.

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